Drug court

Drug court

Drug court

Drug courts are judicially administered court programs that deal with cases of criminals and parents with child welfare cases under the adult, juvenile, family and tribal justice systems, who have drug and alcohol addiction. (National Association of Drug Court Professionals, 2004).A drug court ensures that, an individual undergoes treatment until they are fully unhooked from the substance they were abusing.

They also give an opportunity to offenders of drug abuse and possession, a chance to get in a recovery program instead of going to jail. The individuals are closely monitored for a year while being. Arbitrary drug tests are subjected to them, to review their progress. The individuals are held liable by the court to provide for their family and society as well as are rewarded for progress. (Huddleston, Marlowe, Casebolt, 2008)

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Drug courts are essential as they help to reduce the use of drugs, helps the people live productive and drug-free lives, reduces crimes in the society, reduces cases of re-arrest of those undergoing the treatment, saves the government funds and helps to reunite families and loved ones.

Huddleston, C. W. III. Marlowe, J.D., Ph.D., D., Casebolt, R. (2008, May). Painting the Current Picture: A National Report Card on Drug Courts and Other Problem-Solving Court Programs in the United States.

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