Drug and Heroin

Drug and Heroin

Drug and Heroin.

Drug and Heroin: A drug is a substance that has medicine, intoxicating and enhance performance of the human body. Its abuse is the use of those drugs which the consumer of this substance in which the user exposes harmful to themselves and others.

It is a psychiatric, social and psychological problem affecting the youth. Drug abuse ruins the user and the society socially, physically, emotionally, economically and culturally.  After taking the drugs they use spawns disorders such as anxiety, fear, sense of insecurity and hallucination in the human mind.

Drug abuse reduces cognitive operation making the youth to unable to develop values and ideals that are functional. This reduced cognitive performance lead to poor academic performance, low self-esteem and retarded growth in the personality of the consumer.

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The user gets a drowsy feeling for several hours because the central nervous system is affected leading to a slow cardiac functioning. Overdosing heroin leads to slow breathing rate sometimes to a point of death.

Addiction is the most detrimental long term effect of abuse of heroin. Heroin has a profound degree of tolerance and physical dependency causing the user to spend time, energy and resources on the drug. Addicted individuals have signs of withdrawing symptoms when they attempt to stop abusing the drug.

Primarily young people should be educated about the effects of drug abuse and in particular, heroin. This will a sense of awareness on them, preventing them from trying and abusing. The society also should dedicate more resources, time and energy to win the way against drug abuse.

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