Drug and Alcohol Testing on employees in Canada

Drug and Alcohol Testing on employees in Canada

Drug and Alcohol Testing on employees in Canada.

Drug and Alcohol Testing on employees in Canada: A proposal to have mandatory drug and alcohol test on employees has invoked a fierce debate in Canada. Those in favor cite the need to have a drug and alcohol free workplace among other reasons.

Analysts have noted that the suggestion is as a result of the relationship between Canada and the United States of America. In the United States, random and mandatory drug testing is a statutory law that stakeholders adhere to.

Security, safety, and productivity are the key reason that proposers make their case. Those against the issue argue that it is an infringement of the right to privacy and that it would intimidate employees (Csiernik, 2005).

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Such situations can make one resolve to the use of drugs. Employees should be counsele, and informed decisions on the matter reached (Verstraete, 2011). An employee should be offere a chance to explain why the results are positive.

Employees who are addicts should be counseled and advised to seek rehab facilities. The employer should support employees who are addicts and help them recover.  Justification for the need to have mandatory drug tests must be made known to the employees.

In that manner, the employees will appreciate the need to undertake the tests. The tests should be non-discriminatory, both the management and junior staff should take the tests.


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