Drug abuse in young people in Columbia

Drug abuse in young people in Columbia

Drug abuse in young people in Columbia

Drug abuse in young people in Columbia: Drug addiction has been a major social problem in most states of the United States particularly Columbus Ohio area. It is very disturbing that young people between the age 18 and 25 are seriously engaged in drug abuse wrangles all over the world. The major problem dealt with in this research paper is drug addiction and its effects on the victims and the society at large. It is quite vivid that the society needs to rise up and fight against drug abuse and alcoholism especially in young people of the specified age bracket (Langwith, 2007).\

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Unfortunately, these drugs are smuggled into the social places such as schools; whereby students get a chance to land into this deadly den. However, through civic campaigns against drug abuse, the society is getting back to focus following the punitive rules and regulations put in place by the state government of Columbus Ohio. All these will promote and champion the well-being of the generation to come.


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