Drug abuse in correctional settings

Drug abuse in correctional settings

Drug abuse in correctional settings

Drug abuse and substance use has been a long term social problem for millions of people across the world for a long period of time. This is evident as young people cannot do without drugs hence, making a good number of them to end into jails, dropping out of schools, committing crimes and even committing suicide because of depressions and hopelessness (Dahle et al, 2005).

However, substance abuse assessment instruments in correctional settings will help in facilitating and evaluating the rate of drug abuse and dependency (Boomer, 2000).

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The two instruments are very effective because the psychologists will be able to thoroughly screen out the drug sentiments in the sentenced prisoners thus the instruments’ strengths (Daigle, 1998). However, there are weaknesses experienced and these may include; inadequate data collected due to poor responses. This will translate to inefficient information about the inmate hence, inability to provision of adequate needs required.

The inmate suicide has been a challenge in most jails over a very period of time. But with the help of the two mentioned drug abuse instruments; the situation might be relieved to some lower degree. The evaluation and assessment is very vital in provision of special needs to the victims.

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