Drug Abuse and Depression

Drug Abuse and Depression

Drug Abuse and Depression.

Drug Abuse and Depression: Abuse of drugs is a risk factor for depression. In most cases drugs abusers tend to be always depressed without them realizing it. Drugs are known to contain chemical substances, which alters the brain functionality (Roy, 2005).

Therefore, people who use drugs such as heroin, marijuana, cannabis and much more frequently have changes in their moods. In some cases, these mood swings can be quite severe to an extent of frightening the abusers and can lead to depressive sickness.

The use of drugs and depression are quite common and can transpire together purely by coincidental as personal complications (Walsh, 2009). More frequently, though, there is an interface amid the two and this can yield a number of forms. An individual may be in anguish from depressive signs and ingest drugs with the expectation to attain some relief.

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It is good for one to see a specialist, and be honest about their drug abuse in order to get all the help that may be neede. In addition, help from social services may be quite helpful when the abuser has problems with debts as well as housing, because this only gets serious when things are not taken care of, and this can lead to more use of drugs and depression. It would also be virtuous for the person ingesting drugs try and join voluntary drug agencies as this may be quite helpful.


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