Drones or Gay Marriages

Drones or Gay Marriages

Drones or Gay Marriages

Critical thinking is the use of both the cognitive and other conceptual skills to analyze and evaluate information. In this essay, am going to apply critical thinking to try understanding why people champion for gay marriages. The believing game is a game that makes individual view things from others point of view and not be resistant to change of thought.It is, important for one to gain insight in why others hold a different point of view. In this essay, we are going to employ both the believing game and doubting game to analyze the pros and cons on gay marriages.
I oppose gay marriages due to some well-argued out opinions. As a matter of fact, not any of the researches done that has been proved in the past has proven that homosexuality is a biological condition. There is no any research that claims that homosexuality is genetic. The fact that the practice hinders childbearing, it means the trait cannot be transferred down the family tree. The gay gene has never been discovered.

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In conclusion, believing game helps us adopt another point of view and think from their perspectives. It is clear that it is important to welcome every idea before we discard it. This will help us unearth important ideas that look unworthy and wrong.

Eskridge, W. N., & Spedale, D. R. (2006). Gay marriage: For better or for worse? : what we’ve learned from the evidence. Oxford, UK: Oxford Univ. Press.

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