Domestication of Corn

Domestication of Corn

Domestication of Corn

Domestication of Corn:Domestication of organism by humans have a significant outcomes evolution of organisms. The most prevalent organism that are domesticated are animal such as dog, but there are other microorganisms and plants that are under the care of humans. There are numerous studies conducted to evaluate the way organism domestication has an effect on the population species. Arguably, microorganism and plants have a short life span and have a faster life cycle than animals.

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Climate change has changed the structure of plants and microorganism to enable them adapt with changing environmental conditions. Genetically modified corn is modified to resist rootworm and pest because the immune has been improved.

Corn has a distinct planting, growing and harvesting season. The importance placement of corn on a global scale, in the world because it is the most essential human food crop. It is the third most important food crop with an annual production of hundreds of metric tons.

Abbo, S., Lev-Yadun, S., & Gopher, A. (2012). Plant Domestication and Crop Evolution in the Near East: On Events and Processes. Critical Reviews In Plant Sciences, 31(3), 241-257. doi:10.1080/07352689.2011.645428

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