Domestic Violence

Domestic violence refers to a particular form of behavior that would entail violence or any other form of abuse that in most cases is directed by one person to the other. The act takes place in the context of marriage or in the state where the two parties are cohabiting with each other. Domestic violence is a vice that could affect people in a relationship whether they are heterosexuals or are of the same sex (Heinzt & Melendez, 2006). The violence directed towards one of the partners in the relationship can take many forms.

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There is no legal or moral justification towards domestic violence. Persons who are in a relationship must learn amicable ways of solving their problems so as to avoid getting into a state where violence is directed towards the other. Victims of domestic violence should come out in the open and report the incident when it happens. It would be appropriate since they would be charged and those planning to do the same prevented from carrying it out

Dutton, D. G. (2011). The domestic assault of women: Psychological and criminal justice
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