Domestic Terrorists in the US

Domestic Terrorists in the US

Domestic Terrorists in the US.

Domestic Terrorists in the US: According to Jonathan White, the definition of terrorism is a problem in itself. What was considered an act of terrorism at some point in history was later called war at another. In some cases when people consider an act terrorism the government explains otherwise.

An example is when a US Army Major Nidal Malik Hassan went on a shooting spree killing 13 people on 5th November 2009. Many viewed this as an expression of jihadist feelings and thus he was regarded as a terrorist.

The government however, held a different view; this was a result of Nidal’s mental derangement (White, 2013). Irrespective of the difficulty in pinpointing the actual meaning of terrorism experts agree that terrorism involves application of

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It is not easy to say who is a budding domestic terrorist. The Federal government is not helping either because they are not likely to publish an official list of domestic terrorist organizations.

This is because the law prohibits that under the civil liberty infringement act (White, 2013). However, we can be sure that they are never backing down from the fight against corruption.

In their statement, the Federal Bureau of Investigations stated that they are armed with intelligence, unrelenting intestinal fortitude, latest technology, and manpower, and America being the most powerful in the world, they continue to do their best to fight and eliminate terrorism (Federal Bureau of Investigations, 2011).


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