Domestic Environment using business theory

The US Airways is an American airline that operates internationally and domestically within the country. The network comprises of more than one hundred and ninety destinations within twenty-four countries across the globe. The parent company of the airline is the American Airlines Group. It is an affiliate member of Oneworld, after leaving the Star Alliance in 2014. Their slogan is Fly with US and has headquarters in Tempe and Arizona, United States. The airline has a fleet of three hundred and forty three mainline jet aircrafts. In addition it has two-hundred and seventy-eight regional jet and turbo-pop aircrafts that are operated by contract and subsidiaries such as the Piedmont Airlines and PSA Airlines. Recently, the US Airways and the American Airlines merged creating the largest airline in the world.

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The business theorist, use of incentives, is critical to the improvement of operations of the organization. The employees need to be highly motivated through a provision of inventiveness to encourage them. They would then be able to work together with the top management in the realization of the company objectives. Some of the objectives would be working in conformity with the set regulations by the government. Provision of incentives would promote the morale of the employees in achieving the same.

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