Does age matter in relationship?

Does age matter in relationship?

Does age matter in relationship?

Does age matter in relationship?:Cougar, gold-digger or sugar-daddies are among the labels given to those in relationships with considerable age gaps. In fact, these relationships have earned considerable risks of being ruined if these labels are to go by as they are associated with the negative attributes of both partners. Dating someone older or years younger in the society is bound to raise eyebrows as explained leading to the great question, does age really matter for any group in a relationship?
The answer pretty much matter with the heart, however, certain issues seem to plague those already in a relationship leading to break ups or divorces, but this scenario does apply to those couples from similar age-groups.

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A near perfect relationship has to captor the explained elements of creating a new relationship and yes serious couples have been acknowledged to overcome the age gaps as long as they are compatible or in full agreement of their arrangements despite being in different age groups.

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