Documentary about photography proposal

Documentary about photography proposal

Documentary about photography proposal

Save humanity is a stylized and carefully constructed photograph documentary about hunger and hardship encountered by children in the sub-Sahara region in Africa. The photo will be taken on children holding an empty bowl to show the condition they live in and challenges they encounter. The settings for the photography will be in the rural areas in Africa characterized by a dry environment and desperate children who are in need of food.

The photograph aims at appealing for the formation of the non-government organization and show the existing ones that there is more effort need to assist people, especially children living in extreme poverty.   When shooting these photographs will be taken from different angles and different places that reveal the level of poverty and the conditions in which children live.  Angles include close-ups, medium shots and wide shots comprising of children in poor and desperate conditions.

The frame time for the documentation is 20 minutes with the narrator explaining different scenes and events being presented. Sub-Sahara nations have the highest rate of child and maternal death rate all across the globe making them become ranked as the worst in the provision of healthcare services. Low-quality healthcare provision has been worsened by events of drought that has hit these countries in recent years leading malnutrition, where children are greatly affected by these events.

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Documentation of extremely poor condition in Africa will act as an appeal organizations in the US and other developed country to assist such countries financially and through medical supplies in the effort of preventing mortality rate among children.

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