Do the Right Thing Movie Analysis

Do the Right Thing Movie Analysis

Do the Right Thing Movie Analysis.

Do the Right Thing Movie Analysis: From the outset of the film “Do the Right Thing”, the audience is engaged in asking questions concerning growing racial conflicts and tensions in the current society.

Spike does this anatomically, by setting the movie at the warmest time of the year in Bedford-Stuyvesant which is inhabited by the black community. Most of Lee’s characters participate in fiery battles, causing an increase in racial tensions.

Finally, it reaches a violent climax at the movie’s conclusion. In the film, though there are lots of acts of antagonism or hatred among characters, Lee recurrently counters these acts with ones of tolerance and love.

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serves as a guardian angel for Cameron. Hansen (the young cop), on the other side serves as a guardian angel for both Anthony and Cameron. When they reach a dead end in the car chase. Instead of shooting at them, Hansen let them flee and thus saving their lives.

To conclude, until the society takes the time to comprehend the causes of favoritism and prejudice amongst its members. And take a proper look at individuals thought patterns, no improvements within the society can be achieved.

Movies like Crash are compelling members of the society to look outside their own fears and lives. To realize that all people despite their ethnicity are more alike than it is normally thought. In addition to the 2% genetic dissimilarities between people from different societies, all have internal struggles and problems, and this is what makes them human.

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