Do Over Project :Social Welfare

Do Over Project Social Welfare

Do Over Project :Social Welfare

In the present world, every state is affected by different problems, from unemployment, oppression, lack or poor health care, poverty, racism and many more. The main purpose of this paper to outline and elaborate an effective method that can be used to tackle the problems listed above.

If considered keenly, the problems above majorly affect the people who live within or below the poverty line. So to effectively reduce these problems and the people affect by it, it is very important to consider the point that is affect the most. However, the method is applicable to all the sides.

Before solving an issue, it is very important first to consider the causes of the problem so that curing and prevent it will be very easy. The reason there is a huge gap between the poor and the rich is because the rich can easily meet with the governing body and discuss a way toward solving an issue while the poor thinks otherwise. There is a big difference between the government and the people especially the poor people.

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From the government funding these regional groups can come up with projects that can help them solve the issues affecting them. The main reason for this plan selection is because the only person who can help you during tough times is the person close to you, the one who knows you better.

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