Divorce and children behavior problems

Divorce and children behavior problems

Divorce and children behavior problems

The family is known to be the basic unit in every society. Parents largely determine the direction children will take. In addition, parents involve in teaching children the basics of life. The theories of development indicate that children learn how to speak through socialization. Parents teach children their first language. More importantly, the society expects parents to teach children good and the acceptable behavior in society (Jui-Cheng, 2006). Lack of parenting and poor parenting has been closely in association with delinquency and early criminal behavior. It also contributes to teenage pregnancies and unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, parenting is paramount in every society.

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In conclusion, research has proven that married family has a positive effect on the behavior of the children being brought up therein. However, in case the parents decide to divorce or separate,it may adversely affect the children. This emotional disturbance leads to behavioral problems as established earlier in this paper.


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