Diversity and Culture

Culture refers to the people’s way of life. It could include the beliefs a certain group of individuals holds dear to them and they practice the norms. Different people belong to different cultures that they identify with. There are diversities that exist between the cultures. Across the United States, there are multiple cultures from which many of the communities subscribe to. There are six different ethnic groups in America and they all belong to diverse racial categories. The minority groups in the United States include the African Americans who constitute about thirteen percent of the total population (Angel & Hogan, 1992). The other ethnic group is the Asian Americans who form about seventeen percent of the total population

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The stereotype has been presented through the social injustices faced by those who come from a minority group. In the earlier years, people from the minority groups were not allowed to share some commodities with those from the majority group. Some of the places that were out of bounds included institutions like hospitals and schools. However, with the call for equality having been on the increase, the social injustices have been reduced.

Angel, J. L., & Hogan, D. P. (1992). The demography of minority aging populations. Journal of Family
History, 17(1), 95-115.

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