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In the United States, there exists a crisis of the aging workforce in most organizations. It is forecasted that in the next five years a third of the workforce will be composed of aging workforce (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011). The equal employment act prohibits the discrimination of employees based on gender, race, and age. It is projected that will be a shortage of labor once the aging workforce retires. As it is today in the U.S, the aging workforce is high compared to the young workforce

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However, the aging workforce has caught up with U.S especially in the public administration fields, and as firms are trying to retain the old workers, it will be important to recruit the younger workers. The workplace should be balanced, and it should not mainly be composed of the older workers.

Avery, D. R., McKay, P. F., & Wilson, D. C. (2007). ngaging the aging workforce: the relationship between perceived age similarity, satisfaction with coworkers, and employee engagement. Journal of Applied Psychology, 92(6) , 15-42.

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