Disposal of Frozen Embryos

Disposal of Frozen Embryos

Disposal of Frozen Embryos.

Disposal of Frozen Embryos: Infertility issues among women expose them to societal and health vulnerability. Pressure from a relationship and family entitles a woman to look for alternative means to counter the inability to bear children.

However, this is not a feminine problem but an issue that affects males to. The ideology of facing myths and reality of not having children has forced families to pursue other medically tested methods of bearing children.

The major method is the creation of embryos outside the woman’s body and later implanting it into an able womb for nine months. This process in certain cases leads to the production of many eggs and sperms, which are fertilized together to increase the chances of embryo formation.

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The production of many embryos in IVF is an initial strategy of ensuring the success of fertility. Which leaves other embryos unused. Couples responsible pay for the storage of these embryos prior their decision on how to dispose them.

Despite exploring the options discussed above, some of the donors wish for a normal natural death of their embryos. Probably by implanting them at a time when a human cycle cannot allow pregnancy to take place.

New reproductive technologies such as artificial insemination, uterine lavage and IVF have helped out solve parenthood issues, however, it is important to give the pre-embryo moral status and consider ethical implications when deciding on the methods of embryo disposal.


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