Discussion questions

Discussion questions

Discussion questions

Workplace relationships
Indeed, I affirm that meeting somebody at the workplace can make logical sense. Lines between personal lives and professional are blurrier than ever, and it is partly because of some factors such as working longer hours, as well as a general mutual friendship and understanding with co-workers. Relationships at the workplaces were deemed a taboo, but the current generation seems not to recognize the factors that made it a taboo. In fact, most workplaces had rules on relationships at workplaces and those that existed were kept discrete.

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It is important to be organized, and it is my most treasured routine as it ensures that I plan my schedule to get great results, as well as help, ease managing all my daily tasks. I plan my schedule according to priorities such as performing home chores on time so as to save time on the work related issues. At work, the workplace has to be neat and the tasks of the day well planned out so as to guide and also ease my efforts of locating documents that are deemed important at the workplace. Failure of proper organization skills might ruin one’s career as relevant documents might be lost, and the organization does bring much confidence when dealing with strict superiors as I have encountered in my workplace.

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