Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

I recently worked at a food restaurant as a waiter. The job was well-paying, and most of my co-workers were cordial. There was, however, a co-worker who had poor interpersonal communication skills, and this affected his relationship with every worker in the fast food restaurant. The co-worker was also insensitive to other co-workers including myself, and he lacked basic courtesy.

As a result, the co-worker conflicted with many co-workers. Whenever I had an altercation with the co-worker, I would have a bad day at work. I would be less productive at work since there was no effective communication between me and the co-worker, and there was no teamwork. There was, however, no miscommunications between me and other co-workers, and this ensured the smooth flow of work activities.

Chapter 7 DQ: Problem Solving

In a work setting, I solve problems through consultation. I seek the advice and opinion of other co-workers and ensure there is consensus on a suitable solution before taking any action. Consultation ensures there are minimal cases of poor decision making since many people are involved in formulating a solution to a problem. In other situations, however, I have to make a decision individually and take action without any consultation. Situations that demand immediate action do not provide time for any consultations. Solving problems on an individual level is challenging since there is no consultation on different perspectives. This may result in offering wrong solutions to problems and further aggravating the situation.

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Yelling should only be used as a last resort when there is urgency and no other alternative. I do not perform well under pressure, and a person who motivates me by using a gentle and subtle approach is likely to improve my performance. A gentle and subtle way of motivation is more effective in a work environment as opposed to yelling as a way of motivating workers.

Doherty, N., & Guyler, M. (2008). The essential guide to workplace mediation & conflict resolution: Rebuilding working relationships. London: Kogan Page.

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