Discussion of giant 20th Century- Copland

Discussion of giant 20th Century Copland

Discussion of giant 20th Century- Copland

In the 20th century, the highly honored classical composer in America was Aaron Copland. He incorporated modern American forms of music like jazz and folk within his composition. He managed to free the Native American music from the Europeans since he was the spokesman. Aaron was born in 1900 in Brooklyn, New York where they were immigrants from Lithuania.

His elder sister educated him how to have fun with the piano and by the age of tender sixteen, he was attached to a personal teacher by the name Goldmark. At first, he attended a performance of classical music at the New York Symphony and Brooklyn Academy of music which made him concerned with the conventional history and musicians of Europe.   His music underwent through different phase where at first he wanted to write works that would fit in the American culture which to him meant Jazz music. In the 1930s, he composed highly dissonant and sophisticated work that portrayed power, starkness and intense concentration (Kamien 333).

Copland sold earliest composition to Durand and sons who were the highly respected music publisher in France. In Europe, he  met vital artist together with a renowned composer, Serge Koussevitzky, who asked him to compose for Boston Symphony Orchestra.

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Copland incorporated modern American forms of music like jazz and folk within his composition. The jazz took few years then Copland withdrew his attention from the American music and focused on the music from other countries. His faith was that, the American classical music has the potential to be liked just like the jazz music.

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