Discussion of Beethoven

Discussion of Beethoven

Discussion of Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven is popularly well-thought-out to be the greatest composer in history. His work is severally compared to be quite big accomplishments as those of Shakespeare’s plays. He was born on 16th of December 1770, to his parents, Maria and his father Johann and two brothers in Germany (January 39). His father brutally taught him music by studying the violin and the clavier and in 1778; he performed his first public recital.

At  ten years old, he struggled with math and spelling and opted to drop out of school to concentrate on learning music and at twelve-years published his first composition.  He later joined the court as a musician, and started earning a salary that he used to support his family.

In 1792, he relocated to Vienna where he focused solely on learning music, which won him many admirers and supporters among them the Viennese aristocracy

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The demise of his brother Caspar in 1815 further aggravated his sadness. He fought for custody of his nephew, a fight that lasted seven years but eventually won. He passed on in 1827 at the age of fifty-six as a result of post-hepatitis cirrhosis of the liver. He is to date considered one of the most talented performer and composer. Further, his work while deaf depicted him as a genius and artistic person.

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January, Brendan. Ludwig Van Beethoven: Musical Genius. New York: Franklin Watts, 2004. Print: 111.

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