Discussion 6:Nitcher

Discussion 6 Nitcher

Discussion 6:Nitcher

When the author Nitcher says that a global health needs to begin at home it implies that, for nations to achieve equity for health of all the individuals world-wide it is very crucial for each nation to understand their own culture concerning some diseases. Different cultures tend to have some certain beliefs concerning some infectious diseases and other illnesses (Nichter, 44 2008).

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For instance, a daily life example can be a normal headache which occurs occasionally. Headache can occur once in a while and people normally believe that it is a sign of fatigue due to the daily activities. The obvious solution for many is to buy over-the-counter pain relievers and lie down. This might not always be the case since headache is associated with quite a number of diseases. Headache can also be due to internal bleeding without one’s knowledge and this can be very disastrous. Thus, it is appropriate to seek medical aid before making any assumption and conclusion so as to avoid further risks. As a result local and global health will be enhanced.

Nichter, Mark. Global Health. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2008. Print.

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