Discuss ways in which the authors hold the attention of their readers

Discuss ways in which the authors hold the attention of their readers

Discuss ways in which the authors hold the attention of their readers

Literary genius has for centuries captured the attention of millions of readers across the globe. In the field of fiction, writers dedicate part of this literary genius to capturing the attention of the reader. This paper aims at suggesting ways with which authors of fictional literary works hold the attention of their readers. Fictional writers often use mythical and fictional creatures in their work to engage the reader.

In the book The Metamorphosis, the story begins with the main character waking up to find that he has turned into a giant bug-like creature. According to Kafka  Gregor is having a hard time dealing with this new form as he has obligations to his employer as well as his parents.

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Readers are captured by the Gregor’s struggle with the new form and are eager to know how such a creature would fair in our world. Fictional works also employ very captivating themes.

In The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison some very captivating themes are in place. We see the theme of sacrifice when Claudia and Frieda sacrifice some money they were saving to purchase a bicycle to buy marigold seeds so as to tell the fortune of Pecola’s baby. This is according to Morrison, T. (2007).

This is one example of a theme that readers may relate to and hence will be held to the fictional work.The supernatural is also in play in many a fictional work. See the thing about the supernatural that captures the reader is also the element of unknown within it. Unlike non fictional works, the reader cannot predict the plot of a fictional work in which the supernatural is employed.

Kafka, F. ([200?]). The Metamorphosis. [Mont?]: Kessinger Pub.

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