Discuss the arguments advanced by southerners to justify the institution of slavery

The idea of slavery appears foreign to most people presently. It is a notion that most people find difficult to recognize, especially in terms of why individuals owned slaves or their justification for it. Slavery however, has been present in various forms all through history. Traditionally, the handling of slaves was based on several factors. The more the diversity between the owner and the slave in terms of ethnicity, race, culture or religion, the worse the condition and rights of the slaves were. For example, in the African societies where both owners and slaves were black, the slaves were normally allowed to participate in numerous parts of social life. However, in America especially the South where most slaves were of African descent and the owners were white, the general approach towards slaves was completely despicable.

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Because of free labor, the Southerners earned great profits from plantations. Many Southerners believed that they could incite European interference in the war by declining to export or grow cotton. This ended up changing the nature of agriculture in the South. The region started to stress on food production which was a less exhaustive type of agricultural labor. This change did not however reduce the weight on the slave laborers.

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