Discovering Virtue

Discovering Virtue

Discovering Virtue.

Discovering Virtue: Aristotle is regarded throughout history as one of the greatest thinkers of all times. His philosophical works have made large contributions in the historical world in the field of logic, mathematics, ethics, politics, agriculture and likewise medicine.

Plato was a student of Plato who obtained his studies under the Socrates. Aristotle was the first philosopher to classify human knowledge into different disciplines. These classifications were according to disciplines such as mathematics, biology and also ethics.

Most of these classifications are still being applie in the world today. Aristotle is regarded as the first philosopher to device a system for reasoning. Aristotle illustrated that the validity of an argument depends on the structure rather than the.

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Aristotle define happiness as a volatile factor that can be changed over time. To his, a person can transform from being in a happy state to being in an unhappy state.

The conditions faced by an individual can act as a factor to change a person’s state to unhappy. It also takes a lot of time for a person to transform from being in an unhappy state to being in a happy state.

There are also factors that will contribute to this transition from unhappy to happy. Likewise, Epictetus is justified in his works when he cites that happiness is a perpetual state of being. One can choose to stay away from certain states which might lead to development of the unhappy state.


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