The topic chosen for this “Learning Journal” it will be Disability…when the writer develop this paper should imagine he was a student of the Module :Social Conflict /Should explain the importance of Social Conflict for certain topics such as :Disability ,Homesexualty.homophobia-This Learning Journal Should make reference of a important document(essay) read in the Lecture: How to understood disability from Carol Thomas explain how this paper made you have a different perspective of disability-Make reference a one debate that we have in Lecture about: The views of people about Disability in other words how disability the meaning for itself may or may not have a pejorative meaning?

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These perceptions are discussed in the disability studies domain and medical sociology domain respectively. If, therefore, these relationships are damaged by the perceptions of the society, similarly, the society can be used to negate these perceptions and create an environment where the plight of people despite of inability or ability are safeguarded.

Bibliography (Other sources referred to)
Barton, L. (2009). Disability and Society: Emerging Issues and Insights. New York: Longman.
Thomas, C. (2004). How is disability understood? An examination of sociological approaches. Du=isability and Society, 569-583.

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