Direct Marketing (E-mailing)

Direct Marketing (E-mailing)

Direct Marketing (E-mailing).

Direct Marketing (E-mailing): Sargeant & West (2001) conduct a study on direct marketing, and start by defining direct marketing as a marketing approach that treats customers individually, and defines each on past behavior.

The study establishes how direct marketing has experienced several changes that relate to changes in technology and society’s expectations. Arnold & Tapp (2001) describe direct marketing as a channel –agnostic form of advertising, which allows organizations to communicate directly to the customer.

The study feels that this form of marketing is the most influential on creating awareness to customers. There are some options stated as examples of forms of direct marketing such as cell phone text messaging,

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be concluded to be comprehensive in analyzing direct marketing. There is a general implication on all the studies that several organizations prefer direct marketing to indirect marketing due to the several advantages noted.

The most emphasized benefit is the personalized approach by some methods that deal with customers individually. The studies also look into the challenges that the organization faces in exploiting direct marketing. There are solutions state as well.

The studies verify that e-mailing overcomes most of the challenges, and can be conclude as a crucial method of direct marketing. Although the studies are not empirical and rely on secondary information, they all suggest that if the direct marketing parameters are carefully considere, an organization can greatly benefit from direct marketing.


Arnold, M. J., & Tapp, S. R. (2001). The effects of direct marketing techniques on performance: An application to arts organizations. Journal of Interactive Marketing.

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