Dimensions of Child Neglect

Child neglect is one of the commonest forms of child maltreatment involving the parent or the caregiver not providing for the child under his care with the necessities such as the basic needs of nutrition, housing, health or education. Neglect may also be present in the form where the parent or the caregiver fails to do their duty to prevent any risks of harm to the child. There are several types of child neglect: emotional neglect, inadequate supervision, physical neglect, medical neglect, environmental and educational neglect.

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The current research literature on the impact of child neglect on the child has limitations that arise from several perspectives. The data collected is from cases that have been reported to the relevant child protective agencies unlike in many cases of research when the source of data is the random samples of the population under study. There are severe child neglect cases and therefore the other less severe forms of child neglect may not come to light.

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