Dimensions of Child Neglect: An Exploration of parental Neglect and Its Relationship with Delinquency”

Child neglect is one of the commonest forms of child maltreatment involving the parent or the caregiver not providing for the child under his care with the necessities such as the basic needs of nutrition, housing, health or education. Neglect may also be present in the form where the parent or the caregiver fails to do their duty to prevent any risks of harm to the child. There are several types of child neglect: emotional neglect, inadequate supervision, physical neglect, medical neglect, environmental and educational neglect.

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Child protective agencies and the relevant public offices have been keen on using indicators of the child’s well-being to assess the depth and form of child neglect the child is faced with. Associations of individual and familial characteristics to the child outcomes in the adolescence and young adulthood are also used in profiling the child neglect faced in their childhood years.

정소희,. (2009). A study on longitudinal interaction between parenting behavior and adolescents’ delinquency. Korean Journal Of Social Welfare Studies, 40(4), 349-376. doi:10.16999/kasws.2009.40.4.349

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