Digital technology in education

Digital technology in education

Digital technology in education

Technology advancement has ushered a fundamental structural change that is integrated to accomplish significant improvement in productivity. Technology classrooms with digital learning tools such as handheld devices and computer to support and facilitate teaching and learning by expanding course offering, learning materials and experiences with a 24 hours support.

Use of technology in education improves student engagement and motivation in the effort of accelerating learning process. Technology has the power to transform teaching by introducing a new model of connected teaching and links teacher and students to professional resources, content and system that assist in improving instruction and personalized learning.

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The use of technology, particularly the internet allow students to have an instant access to research databases including university databases, instructional video and news sources enabling learners acquire different skills through the use of technological tools in learning and development. Technology improves cognitive skills among different learners from different age groups.

However, Technology poses a serious challenge to both students and teachers that may paralyze the learning process. Differences in computer skills may make online learning and assignment more difficult for some students without computer knowledge.  The fact that online classes are taken from home, internet speed and device available to students vary and may cause difficulties in learning.  Online learning depends largely on students’ motivation and self-control, where students may fail to exercise.

Collins, A., & Halverson, R. (2009). Rethinking education in the age of technology: the digital revolution and schooling in America. New York, Teachers College Press.

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