Digital media

Digital media

Digital media

Information is readily available to people all over the world, but despite its availability, very few people utilize the information for positive gain. It was such a need that led a hospital known as Valley state hospital to create awareness on how people can use the readily available health information for positive gain. The hospital had noted a considerable increase in the number of youths and teenagers who were being admitted in the hospitals for drug overdose or individuals who have been involved in accidents under the influence of drugs.

The youths and teenagers tend to spend most of their time connected to the internet. There is too much information on drugs and substance abuse that can help in reducing the number of drug abuse victims in New Jersey.

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There were those who were recommending that the campaign should be an annual event because drug abuse is becoming a social evil which if not handled properly can have adverse effects on the future generation.

It was concluded that Valley Hospital and its collaborators managed to achieve their objectives of creating awareness about drug abuse, providing the right help to the victims, and obtained information that can be used in future researches or recommendations. The objectives were attained through the help of digital media because information was passed through using social media platforms and messages. “Say No to Drug Abuse” was a campaign that enabled the hospital to make a change in the society through educating people on the effects of drug abuse.

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