Digital media in Society

Digital media in Society

Digital media in Society.

Digital media in Society: It is in the 21st century, that the world has experienced massive developments in the political, economic and even the social aspect of life. This has been brought about by significant developments in technology ever since civilization.

The most important invention of the 21st century, which has contributed to this growth, is the internet. The internet has connected every corner of this world.

This means that people can communicate at anytime regardless of their location, with just a click of a button. This has brought cheap, easy as well as efficient means of storing, analyzing and sending information.

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department under the Department of defense in June 23rd 2009, in efforts of curbing cyber terrorism.

Introduction of digital media has brought a lot of advantages in the society, especially in the communication aspect. This is in terms of reliability, affordability as well as efficiency in relaying information. However, digital media also has a share of demerits in the social aspect in our society. This is because of cyber attacks, which are questioning the safety as well as the reliability of this technology.

In my own opinion, I feel that in as much as there are primal challenges like hacking among others; digital media has brought enormous advantages in our society. Therefore, it is upon each and every one of us to contribute in safeguarding digital media, as well as promoting its use in our social lives.


Boler, M. (2008). Digital media and democracy: Tactics in hard times. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.

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