Differences between demonic possession and mental illnesses

Differences between demonic possession and mental illnesses

Differences between demonic possession and mental illnesses.

Differences between demonic possession and mental illnesses: This paper is an effort to look cross-culturally at the manifestation of spirit possession in general and demonic possession in particular, and distinguish their manifestation to mental illness.

Accordingly this will help in an effort to comprehend how modern physicians can better treat patients who “believe” that they are possessed, and at the same time conforming with the proposed updates to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association (APA, 2000; APA, 2013).

The similarities between possession states and dissociative disorders (mental illnesses or conditions) are studied, and suggestions for psychological auctioning in a culturally and religiously sensitive manner are discussed.

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Regardless of this inexperience, the researcher intends to use good and effective interpersonal skills including active listening, appropriate eye contact and being open to all elicited responses.

In this way, the researcher will build trust and cultivate necessary the rapport with the study participants as well as putting them at ease throughout the research process. This chapter has explained in detail the methodological foundations of the proposed research. And how it will be implemente during the process of data collection and analysis.

The decision to use a qualitative research design has been deliberate alongside the implications of adopting such a paradigm. The proposed study will use Parker’s (1992) seven step method for analyzing discourses. As well as the Nvivo8 data analysis software, to analyze data the interviews with participants.


Babbie, E., & Mouton, J. (2002). The Practice of Social research. Pretoria: Oxford University Press.

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