Diabetes is a metabolic disease which a person has high blood sugar or blood glucose. It arises if a person either produces inadequate or no insulin, the body cells do not respond properly to insulin or both. As a result, high amounts of sugars build up in the blood, is filtered into urine and released out of the body. The body loses its source of energy due to this release. Patients with high blood sugars experience frequent urination, become increasingly tired or frequently become hungry.

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There are several procedures used in the treatment of diabetes. They include weight-loss surgery which is majorly used on obese people, observing a strict diet and exercising which is the most recommended, and islet cell transplantation where a patient is injected with islet cells from a donor which help in the production of insulin (Hakim, 2010, p.68).

Hakim, N. S. (2010). Pancreas, islet, and stem cell transplantation for diabetes. Oxford [u.a.:
Oxford Univ. Press.

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