Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies

Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies

Developmentally appropriate teaching strategies

The world today has an abundant range of diversity. Ideally, diversity is evident in the environment, in people and in all forms of life. In special education, diversity is a defining characteristic. However, for linguistically and culturally diverse students, issues of difference and, disability, and diversity are challenging for classroom teachers. The issue of cultural diversity is of paramount importance because there are wide-ranging factors affecting the success of culturally diverse students such as, overall attitude toward diversity, the school’s atmosphere, culturally responsive curriculum, and involvement in the community. However, the academic and personal relationship between students and teachers is arguably the most significant factor.

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Children are not able to consider the needs or interests of others, and for this reason, they are considered ‘ego centric.’ In regards to teaching techniques, Piaget’s pre operational stage of development could be a huge challenge for the teachers in ensuring that teaching strategies are appropriate for culturally diverse children. For instance, it could be a huge challenge acknowledging there is a difference among students as children at this stage cannot comprehend concrete logic. Therefore, understanding Piaget’s preoperational stage of development could enable teachers to first evaluate each student to determine their strengths and weaknesses before assessing them equally (Graves, 1998, p. 7).

Cazden, C. B. (2001). The language of teaching and learning. The language of teaching and learning.

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