Detecting Narco-Tunnels across US Borders

Detecting Narco-Tunnels across US Borders

Detecting Narco-Tunnels across US Borders

Drug tunnels are underground passageways created by drug smugglers for the purposes of trafficking drugs especially along the borders. As a result of high and vigil security along the borders, smugglers turned to underground passageways as an alternative and since 1990; many drug tunnels have been exposed. It therefore, shows that smuggling through tunnels has been an activity going on for decades.

The underpasses are huge enough to accommodate huge amounts of the drugs being transported. The link houses to houses, warehouses to warehouses depending on the smuggler’s route. Others are found connected from Mexico to U.S at the border.

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U.S authorities use different ways to discover the tunnels. Officers at the border look for signs whether the ground has been dug up or through people who inform them about the existence of tunnels. There are officers who are responsible for gathering intelligence around areas where there have been cases of drug trafficking.

They also use robots to detect any hollow ground, and this ensures that officers do not lose their lives underground. Some passages are poorly constructed, and they usually collapse. After the tunnel has been located, the authorities destroys them by filling them with concrete.

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