Designing an Anti-Poverty Program

Designing an Anti-Poverty Program

Designing an Anti-Poverty Program

Designing an Anti-Poverty Program: Poverty in America is considered as the deprivation of that which the mainstream society takes for granted. However, the United Nations defines poverty as those living below a dollar a day (Baugher & Weisbord, 2009). The two definitions differ, and may infer that in the United States, the poverty line is higher. Many people in the United States would fall below the poverty line if the standard definition of poverty were to be used across the world. Poverty continues to strike many parts of the United States. The number of the homeless also continues to increase with many people sleeping in the streets (Arjoon, 2010). In the light of the efforts to address poverty, this essay will design an anti-poverty program to address its aftereffects.

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Administrations such as that of Roosevelt initiated different programs and policies that saw some form of decline in poverty levels before the Second World War finally ended the Great Depression (Niemietz, 2009). However, many programs are still needed to curb homelessness and poverty in the United States. Save the Homeless and Impoverished Program seeks to address the issues of poverty that has seen many people die of hunger and out of preventable diseases. The program will address the causative factors of poverty such as housing, education, healthcare, food, water, clothing, and information among other factors discussed in the essay.

Ahmed, A. M. (2009). Gender generation and poverty: Exploring the ‘feminization of poverty’ in africa, asia and latin america. Ahfad Journal, 26(1), 87-90.

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