Description my teacher

Description my teacher

Description my teacher

Description my teacher: Throughout my education life one teacher has impacted my life significantly. This is with no doubt Mr James Brown, who was my mathematics teacher in high school. One aspect that made him make a remarkable impact in my life is his teaching techniques.

Since junior high, mathematics had proved a hard nut to crack because I would not understand anything. In fact, I would usually try my best to ensure that I could obtain marks that would ensure I was not held back by the subject.

Getting above a grade of C was something that seemed impossible to me. However, Mr Brown changed my experience with mathematics.

One tactic that he employed was insisting to students that if mathematics was too tough for an average student then it would not be in the curriculum.

This made me develop an interest in the subject. He used interaction while teaching in order to ensure that each student understood what was being taught.

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His dressing was also another factor that contributed in him impacting my life positively. He used to wear three piece suits which looked expensive since they were tailor made.

He matched his shoes with his suits and no single day in a week did he repeat the same suit. During extracurricular activities, he would come to school dressed in cargo shorts, polo t shirts, and leather loafers

Indeed Mr Brown had a huge impact in my life. I am comfortable with undertaking any course in university that involves a lot of mathematics due to his teaching skills that made me conversant with mathematics. My dressing also follows closely to Mr Brown’s dress code.

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