Describe your learning style – Visual Learner

Describe your learning style - Visual Learner

Describe your learning style – Visual Learner.

Describe your learning style – Visual Learner: Each and every person is most effective when he/she is taught in his/her personal learning style. Actually, there exist three main types of learners: auditory, tactile/kinesthetic and visual learners. While most individuals with no disabilities may learn to employ any among these styles, many people have one style which they demonstrate a stronger affinity. I prefer visual learning.

An ordinary visual learner utilizes visualization techniques to recall things. Often, they have an excellent sense of direction since they visualize directions and maps in their mind. Most people would rather read information on the whiteboard or in a textbook instead of listening to teacher’s lectures.

They also enjoy drawing and doodling. Visual learners normally use sight terms in their daily terminology. For instance, they may say “Let’s view this from another perspective.” They recall details, including spatial arrangements and colors.

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As seen, students learn in diverse ways and teachers have specific techniques of teaching. Teachers who understand and exploit student learning styles knowledge and understand their personal teaching style may greatly enrich their teaching.

Including mind maps, diagrams, visuals, word webs, and other kinds of graphic organizers helps visual learners grasp most of the instructions given by the teacher. It’s good to teach learners to utilize highlighters when going over their notes and to make flashcards when learning information and studying for tests.

One should try to not only give oral directions before necessitating students to finalize an assignment. Further, teachers should avoid lecture without accompanying visuals and/or notes.

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