Descartes as a great thinker sought to discover self-evident truths. He discovered that he had numerous with mathematics and logic being the most prominent. He was optimistic about his ability to develop a system of certain knowledge. In his effort, he realized that there were some unquestionable perceptions, but some fell out of awareness resulting to doubt. In such cases, he would wonder whether the thought was from evil demons. He concluded that God is the cause of clear and distinct perceptions. He argued that God is perfect in all ways and no deceiver can have lasting certainty for clear and distinct perceptions.

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Descartes argument is quite convincing to me because he explains the nature of human being. People have the very nature of God to exercise freewill and also to use the intellect. The use of intellect is unlimited, but it is not used for making judgment. The ability to exercise freewill is also unlimited. When a person in knowledgeable and commands a higher level of understanding, he/she can make right judgment on what to avoid or pursue thus avoiding errors (Dekker).

Works cited
Rorty, Amélie. Essays on Descartes’ Meditations. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1986. Print.

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