A mental disorder is a behavioral or mental anomaly or pattern that causes either an impaired ability or suffering to function in ordinary life, and which is not socially or developmentally normative. These disorders are generally described by a combination of how someone acts, perceives, feels, or acts. Mental disorder needs a lot of efforts to cope with. Evidence shows that mental disorder patients are likely to be more sensitive on how they react to others and change of the environment (Zarit & Zarit, 2006).

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In addition to that, the actual clinical tests which have been carried out regarding the effectiveness of homeopathy in the treatment of depression are quite limited (Johnsgard, 2004). Another advantage that conventional treatment has over the homeopathic treatment is that for the latter, the mode of treatment has to be individualized. Studies regarding the treatment of depression are done in groups, in the case of conventional treatments. However, for homeopathy, the treatment must be based on each of the individual symptoms, before any form of medication is issued.

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