Depression in the Military Population

Depression in the Military Population

Depression in the Military Population

Depression can be defined as feeling calamitous, sad, miserable and blue. It is considered as a severe mental illness, even though, the feelings related to it are usually short-lived and pass in a couple of days. Depression is a condition that interferes with daily lives and tend to cause pain to individuals and those who care about them. The majority of people with depressive illnesses do not seek treatment despite that there are treatments that are available.

Psychotherapies, medications, and other methods can be used to treat people suffering from depression. (Pflanz, 2006, p. 119). The paper seeks to conduct a literature review on depression concentration on depression in the military population. What causes the depression and what can be done to help the military population with the condition?

Depression and the military: Depression is a candid medical disorder that can affect service members’ behaviors, thoughts, physical health, and feelings. It can affect people in diverse ways where one person’s symptoms can frequently occur, last longer and more severe than others. There are signs that are persistent than others.

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In conclusion, depression can be a disorder that can affect the performance of service members. Those who make the military population are always encouraged to seek care especially after arrival from a combat zone. Such early intervention helps in preventing negative effects that are associated with depression.

Pflanz, S. E., & Ogle, A. D. (2006). Job stress, depression, work performance, & perceptions of supervisors in military personnel. Military medicine.

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