Depression in our Military Population

Depression in our Military Population

Depression in our Military Population

Depression in the military population is not new. Furthermore, the people in the military are human being capable of feeling and experiencing the same situations non militants’ experience. Though they are in numbers this does not give them comfort.

In addition, most of them try to find an exit strategy feeling that it was not the best decision they had taken in their lives.

Study method as per literature review

The qualitative methodology has been used in the research. The use of secondary sources as such interviews, survey and observations. The findings are a combination of each and every detail affecting the military population.

Research question

Depression causes in the military are countless. Lack of self-belonging and harsh conditions limiting freedom. Also the fact that some of the people in this institutions enrolled unwillingly. Decisions made for them by other people who feel that was the right thing for them.

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In summary, regression and correlation analysis show the strength in the behavior of the specific individual. By this anyone who has had depression in the military would go through an examination of behavioral conduct.

Pflanz, S. E., & Ogle, A. D. (2006). Job stress, depression, work performance, & perceptions of supervisors in military personnel. Military medicine.

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