Democracy in America

Democracy happens to have always been a very significant issue in America; as the nation developed and advanced, so did the style of democracy and its definition. Throughout history, humanity has been known to corrupt itself. People have grown tired of just surviving; they have ended up taking and conquering others. Supreme monarchies regulate land, wealth and even lives of others . The conditions of individuals were merely dependent on the state of the one who happened to be in power in that specific time and place. History has established that most men tend to rule foolishly in their kingdoms.

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In conclusion the political system of America has about as many weaknesses and strengths, but it usually evens out in long run. If this democracy consisted of all the strengths it would end up not being equal and fair to all the citizens. We happen to be different with diverse values and beliefs so utopian democracy cannot be possible. We tend to live in a democracy which has succeeded primarily because it changed with society.


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