Democracy Deficit in Middle East

Democracy Deficit in Middle East

Democracy Deficit in Middle East.

Democracy Deficit in Middle East: Mankind is the most intelligent of all species on earth. As a result, this species has established complex, but remarkable systems that are supposed to manage its way life. These systems are primarily determine by three important aspects of life.

They are; the political, social and the economic aspects of life. However, these aspects are supposed to be addressed in a critical manner so that the whole of human populace would benefit from them (Tilly, 2007).

As a result, the human species has established different forms of governments in their respective states, monarchies or countries. There are many states in the world, and each one of them has adopted different forms of government.

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gluttonous leaders are willing to go safeguard their interests in political power as well as their stolen wealth.

In conclusion, the above research has led me to believe that it may take Middle East countries another decade or two before they embrace and actualize democracy. This is because the people in these nations have a culture that does not allow them to fully embrace the spirit of democracy.

They believe in certain leaders who fill their hearts with hope only to stab them in the back, like in the case of Al-Assad. Judging from the above information, I believe that the Middle East nations’ culture is the main reason why there is democracy deficit in this region.


Bunce, B. M. (2012). Democracy deficit in the arab middle east: Easy money and authoritarianism. S.l.: Biblioscholar.

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