Deaths caused by texting and driving vs driving under the influence

Deaths caused by texting and driving vs driving under the influence.

Deaths caused by texting and driving vs driving under the influence: Texting and driving refer to constructing, sending, receiving text messages, tweets, emails or any other messages through the cell phone while behind the wheels of a moving vehicle.

For the last one decade, texting has become a social thing and is more abundant among teens. The increasing production of sophisticated and affordable Smart phones, allows users to communicate more easily through sending texts as most of them comes with a preinstalled texting application.

Though, sending texts through mobile phones is providing a convenient mode of communication, problems is that the same convenient is causing death to many drivers every year. Numerous studies have associated sending texts while driving with fatal accidents on our roads due to distraction.

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Increasing text-based sites are heightening the delicate situation, as more and more teens embrace the texting culture. In fact, road accidents resulting from texting while behind the wheel is becoming the main killer of driving teenagers in developed countries. Many people are not aware of the dangers of this new culture, hence making it even harder to contain it.

Though many students may be knowledgeable about the situation, the behavior may take years to tame. The ball is now on the parent’s side to educate their teenagers on the dangers of texting while driving, which complement government’s policies forbidding use of mobile phones while driving.

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