Days of Fire by Baker

Days of Fire by Baker

Days of Fire by Baker

Days of Fire by Baker:Days of fire, is a book written by Peter Baker looking at the drama the George W. The Bush administration had, the polarization and a number of conflicts that emerged in this era. Baker goes ahead to write this book which writers of this field find it very important in the American history. Baker focuses on the varying affiliations of President Bush and Dick Cheney, his vice president. The book tries to explain why certain actions that were meant to counter situations occurred during the Bush’s administration.
Baker’s book shows how the Bush’s government shifted and the influence of the vice president declined most especially in matters pertaining to foreign policy. The writer concludes that president George W. Bush made decisions of his own and not with his Voice president. Scholars tend to agree with Bakers conclusion which they say will come to pass as time goes by.

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The social structures of America, tax cuts originating from the Bush’s administration that are harming the economy of America are a great evidence of what president Bush did. Time is still yet to tell how the Iraq and Afghanistan wars will smash up the great name and world statues of the United States of America.
The tough decisions bush made such as firing the defense secretary could have been replicated on Rumsfeld and his vice president, Cheney. Regrettably, he gave way to demands by attacking Iraqi, a factor that has forever since changed the American history.

Baker, P. (2013). Days of fire: Bush and Cheney in the White House.

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