Database Management

Database Management

Database Management.

Database Management: A database is an ordered collection of information. It’s management includes the observing, administrating, and maintenance of the databases and database systems in your initiative.

In most State universities, tracking a student’s development through the graduate program has always been handled disjoint and separately by the different members of staff based on what they see.

However, as multiple features of the students statistics must be share for various responsibilities, this information is often share through mails and stored excessively in excel worksheets across the various departments.

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currently in the process of work, and which have not achieved. This will in turn make work easier even for the students as the time spent clearing items after leaving the school as the manual system consumes a lot of time.

A database is a far more well-organized mechanism to organize and store information than worksheets; it makes it possible for a centralize aptitude that can easily be improve and share quickly among the many users. By Having a web based front end the requirement of users to have to understand and use the database directly is remove, and allows users to link from anywhere with an internet connection using the multiple web browsers available.

It also creates room for the possibility of inquiries to obtain data for various studies. Due to the large number of user’s accessing and adjusting student information in the department, there is a call to the use of such a system.


Ramakrishnan, R., & Gehrke, J. (2003). Database management systems. Boston: McGraw-Hill.

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